Working With Me

If you have arrived at this page, then you are likely one of my students.
Please email me at or by phone at 902-867-4843. As a general rule, email is best.

Hearing from me

1.     I will usually acknowledge your email within 2-3 working days. I will tell you then how long before I can get back to you with feedback on your work (within 3-4 weeks, usually). If you do not receive an acknowledgement, please email me to find out about it (see below for timing).

2.     I will respond to your assignments with Track changes in Word (contains comment balloons and coloured comments). Permanent copies of final assignments will be put in your file.

3.     When I send you an assignment back, please let me know you received it (if you don’t respond, I will assume you did not receive it).

Sending emails to me

1.     Put a message in the subject line to tell me what the message contains.

2.     If your email address does not show your name (e.g., StFX email addresses do not) make sure your subject line is clear or the message will go in Spam.



Drafts of your work

1.     Within reason, I am happy to respond to drafts of your work and will do so in a timely fashion.

2.     It is normal in a graduate program to write and re-write, especially at the research proposal, REB and thesis stages.

3.     Have someone read your text for readability, simple grammar, etc. And, I too look up APA so if you have questions re style or formatting please look these up. If you need extra help feel free to contact the St Francis Xavier Student Success Centre.


1.     Our dept. works on the regular academic year. I am most available to you during the year–approximately Sept. 4–Dec. 15 and January 5–April 30. After that, my response time will be much slower. It is your responsibility to do your work within the designated time.

2.      If I am away (on vacation, at a conference, or conducting field work) I will email you in advance to let you know the dates that I will be away.

Thanks to my colleagues Dr. Leona English, Dr. Carole Roy, and Dr. Maureen Coady for their input on putting together these communication policies.

St. Francis Xavier University

J. Adam Perry, PhD

Assistant Professor of Adult Education

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