How do international mobilities and precarious forms of work shape the learning experiences of international migrants?

Critical, narrative and interdisciplinary approaches

In order to discover answers to this question, Dr. Perry’s research draws on critical, narrative and interdisciplinary approaches to understanding how people make sense of their own first-hand experiences of low-wage work and international migration.

With his research Dr. Perry seeks to produce knowledge that can inform policy, improve services for immigrants, refugees and migrant workers, and which can enhance public discourse in the areas of international migration, migrant integration, precarious employment and youth mobilities.

recent publications

Academic Journal Articles


Levelling up: Towards decolonizing apprenticeship learning


Frenzied synchronicities: Reworking the rhythms of temporary labour migration


‘Escaping’ managed labour migration: Worker exit as precarious migrant agency.

St. Francis Xavier University

J. Adam Perry, PhD

Assistant Professor of Adult Education

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